Updated 5/6/18

Hey Friends! 

The Kickstarter fundraising campaign has begun for the follow up to Blood In The Inkwell! Grammy Award winning producer Randy Kohrs at Slack Key Studio in Nashville will be at the mixing board controls again. My friends Daniel Anderson and Tyson Suemnicht have been a HUGE help in the preproduction and will be lending their talents throughout. One special guests has agreed to be on it, and we' ll let the songs dictate if we shall ask some others. We're really excited by this new batch of songs, and we hope if you can donate, please do. We need to hit a minimum of $12,000 for this one. Please contact me through the Contact page if you have any questions, concerns or ideas. And thanks for all support leading up to this! Click on link here http://kck.st/2IgEDZp

Take care and God bless,


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Here's a list of those who have helped out, supported, donated, bought CD's, downloaded, promoted and spread the word, etc. during this time which is making this new record possible, and those I dearly thank (please let me know if there is anyone I've missed. I know I don't have everybody...)

Gena Kok
Don and Deb Cooper
Vivian Cooper
Josh and Shonna Neary
Pam and Phil Warren
Deann and Mike Bradford
Randy Randall
Jeff  and Marylinda Munday at Authentic Coffee
Kevin Phelan
Roger and Kristal Weinberger
Les and Grace Kloostra
Craig Freeman
Sean Malone
Mike Hurd
Jeani Filip
Tony and Jean Dekker
Jean Leystra
Ellen Fisher
Jackie Drews
Chris and Sara Hendrickson
Mr. Mystery Donor : )
Fred Galley
John McDaniel
Steve and Rita Corbett
Dan Filatrault
Joe Rodemeier
Marty MacMillan
Mike Kaiser
Cindy Blystone
Rich Bradford
Geoff Hamm